The Physics Of Frisbee Rides At Amusement Parks

Frisbee rides are perhaps one of the most thrilling amusement park rides in operation and they certainly look impressively thrilling from the ground. Surprisingly, the physics of Frisbee rides ( is really simple and the operating mechanisms are basic. The rides really are just simple pendulums with the addition of some circular motion.

360 pendulum amusement park ride
Pendulum ride 360

So how do they operate? Well, a Frisbee ride consists of a circular disc, which contains seats for riders, hanging from supportive pendulum structure. During operation, the circular disc rotates in a fast spinning motion as it swings from side to side in a pendulum motion. Depending on the model, the circular disc might complete a complete 360-degree rotation on the pendulum swing. The direction in which the riders are facing, outwards or inwards, depends on the manufacturer‘s design. Many theme park enthusiasts have their preferences when it comes to seating arrangements on Frisbee rides with some preferring to face outwards and others preferring to face inwards.

The speed of the pendulum swings can be controlled by the operator, as can the degrees of motion in the swing. For a less scary riding experience, the operator might agree to limit the swing degrees and reduce the speed. The rides that complete full revolutions on the pendulum swing axis are best reserved for only the most dedicated thriller seekers. Those of a nervous disposition or a fear of heights need to avoid such rides. Unless, of course, they enjoy being made to feel incredibly scared and fearful for their lives. Perhaps those are not the best emotions to be experiencing during a family day out to theme park though.

giant frisbee ride for sale in Beston

One of the main reasons why amusement park owners love Frisbee rides is because the supporting structure can be packed with flashing neon lights. This means the ride looks particularly impressive when in operation at night time and it can draw crowds to the park from a long distance away. Many people that visit parks with Frisbee rides don’t actually want to experience the ride for themselves, they just enjoy watching it in operation from the ground.

Many people worry about the safety of thrilling amusement park rides, but as previously mentioned the physics of Frisbee rides is very simple, which means not a lot can go wrong during the operation. Malfunctions are incredibly rare and according to Wikipedia, there have only been two serious incidents with the rides globally.

There are dozens of Frisbee ride manufacturers and each one produces a selection of different model designs. Some of the features that vary between different models include height, swing speed, degrees of swing, disc rotation speed, rider capacity, rider seating orientation (facing inwards or outwards) and support structure lightening design.

If you are in the market for a new ride for your own venue, you should definitely give the Frisbee ride some serious consideration. It could help you to increase annual visitor numbers to your venue and will also be a great money maker. Just make sure you choose the best model from a trusted supplier – Beston Amusement.